Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recipe: Chocolate Fettuccine Marshmallow Peanut Sundaes

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Keeping it short and sweet (pun intended) so that I may enjoy the holiday festivities with my family.

Having recently discovered a new gourmet pasta line, over the next several weeks I will devote time to developing summertime side salads, created from some very unique and innovative pasta blends. 

We begin today with dark chocolate fettuccine. I hope you enjoy today's feature of Chocolate Fettuccine Marshmallow Peanut Sundaes - A sneak preview of things to come.

Ingredients:  Vanilla ice cream, Marshmallow Creme, Hot fudge topping, Maraschino cherries, Crushed salted peanuts, Chocolate fettuccine bits, Chocolate fettuccine bowl.

Directions:  For those who have never made a sundae before...

1) Boil fettuccine in large pot of hot water as you would for any cooked pasta until al dente'. Drain and place pasta into a small bowl of choice. Place pressure onto pasta with another dish so that fettuccine may take the shape of the bowl. Cool in fridge until it sets.

2) Once bowl has set and is ready to use carefully remove from mold and begin building your sundae. Start with placing two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream into bowl. Top with fudge, marshmallow, peanuts, fettuccine bits ( small broken pieces of uncooked pasta). And, don't forget to top it all with a cherry. Enjoy!

* Next week - Sweet Potato Orzo


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