Sunday, May 20, 2012

Profile: The JDK Group

Its been a busy few weeks for our household with funerals to attend, last minute family visitors and an award ceremony to honor my wife. Not to mention its one of our busiest times of the year for catering. Corporate conferences. Weddings. Family picnics. Coordinating special events can be tedious and at times a bit stressful. Alright, it IS stressful!

As noted earlier, I recently attended an American Red Cross awards ceremony. Having attended more than my fare share of banquets and award ceremonies I was certain that this evening would be like many before - "Heated up bulk food in a can, turn and burn, clean up and go home... I couldn't have been more wrong!  On this most momentous occasion I had the opportunity to view first hand quality in action. What does "quality in action" look like? The JDK Group of course!

With over 20 years experience in the event service industry, The JDK Group( of Harrisburg (PA), however, "can make even a novice party planner look like a Pro!" Voted Best Caterer 8 consecutive years (2004-2011) in Harrisburg Magazine's Simply The Best Readers' Poll, The JDK Group (JDK Catering (, Essential Party Rentals ( Imagine Event Designs ( is "Central PA's premier full-service caterer and event planner".

Food presentation is a very  important element to a dining experience. It is said that 90% of what we eat is due in part to how it appears to the naked eye. On this particular evening there were two hors d'oevres offerings that from afar dressed my attention - The beef skewers and the meatballs in a sweet tomato basil sauce.

The beef skewers impressed me for the unique heating method used in keeping them warm as well as the use of color in their presentation. Laying atop small smooth rocks, the skewers were kept warm by a babbling brook of heated water below them. The red and yellow sweet pepper pieces added a pop of color against the gray rocks, creating for a visually appetizing presentation. Serenely balanced like yin and yang!

 The skewers may have popped in color but the sweet cherry tomatoes and basil sauce served with the meatballs (There were meatballs. Honestly...) popped with flavor. The shaved Parmesan cheese and black pepper added an additional depth of  flavor to an already satisfied palate.

While the little nibblers served prior to the event saved off hunger pangs, there was still room for desert. What's an award ceremony without some cake?  But, as I mingled with other guests the cake slowly disappeared and I was left with only pie. Silky. Rich. Snickers Pie. And Oh how it satisfied! Ok, maybe you don't need cake afterall.

The quantity and variety of horsdeovres was more than adequate for the event size. The spacious reception room, although larger than necessary, was perfectly executed by the JDK design team. The overall experience on this night was not just in the details of the event but in those staffing it as well. The JDK Group's servers were approachable and courteous while Senior Event Specialist Kim Koch's professionalism and attention to details is to be commended. Thank you JDK for giving me the opportunity to share "quality in action" with the world.

For stress relief in planning your next special event, give The JDK Group a call at 717-730-4661.


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