Friday, May 4, 2012

Recipe: Chipotle Pork Shepherds Pie

This evening I took  my son and his friend Landon to a Lancaster Barnstormers minor league baseball game. Wow, how the game has changed! When did carousel rides, inflatable slides and bumper boats become a part of the "ballpark experience"? I was a bit baffled. After only two innings and the home team getting trounced 7-0, the boys trotted off to the bumper boats saddened by the score but returned with a ball in hand smiling from ear to ear.  Lucky recipients of a foul ball. It seems that the ultimate of souvenirs had gone for a swim while they were riding the boats. I suddenly saw the genius of an amusement park.

One thing hadn't changed - ballpark grub. OK it's changed quite a bit. There is still plenty of beer and hot dogs being served at the ole ballgame but there are also pita sandwiches and BBQ ribs... Beer and ribs. Now that I understand!

Also discouraged by the outcome of the game, I found my thoughts wondering. Tomorrow is May 5th-Cinco de Mayo. And you, my faithful foodies, were promised a recipe. Upon arriving home I searched through my files and found the perfect recipe for the occasion. I hope you enjoy Chipotle Pork Shepherds Pie as much as my family did last year. It's a quick and easy family friendly meal. The heat from the chipotle sauce is tamed by the creamy mashed potatoes,ensuring that the little ones' sensitive palates will not be offended.


1/2 stick butter
4 medium red potatoes
2 T. Cabot Greek yogurt

1-16oz. frozen peas
1 medium onion
1-16 oz. can diced tomatoes w/green chilies - DO NOT DRAIN.
2-3 pounds pulled pork
Water - Only if needed to add moisture to dish


First prepare chipotle pulled pork. You can find the recipe at my magazine blog "One More Bite"

Next, prepare mashed potatoes. Clean, skin and quarter potatoes. Place into large pot and boil until softened. Drain water from potatoes and add butter and yogurt. Mash and set aside.

In a large Pyrex baking dish, assemble casserole. Place a quarter of the diced tomatoes on the bottom of dish followed by mashed potatoes, onions, meat and peas. Continue layering until reaching top of dish. NOTE: The final layer should end with potatoes on top. If needed, add a little water for moisture. However, this should not be necessary.

Place into 350 degree preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown. DO NOT OVER BAKE!


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