Monday, July 2, 2012

Profile: Pappardelle's Pasta Co.

For the past month I have been enjoying myself creating unique side salads using some very unique pastas - dark chocolate fettucinne, sweet potato orzo, chipotle blackbean fettucinne.

Thanks to Prima Donna's Pasta (717- 917-6228) of Root's Market ( for providing the public with an unusual blend of gourmet pastas. While Mary at Prima Donna brings the product to market each Tuesday, it is Pappardelle Pasta of Denver (CO) that provides the opportunity to be creative in your kitchen with their finely detailed artisan pasta blends.

Using only the best natural ingredients available, Pappardelle ( has been cranking out "edible art" since 1984, earning them the nickname" the Micheangelo of Pasta." Fusing international flavors with time honored Italian craftsmanship, each batch of product is monitored to ensure nothing (flavors, armoa, colors) is lost in the process.

With over 150 products to choose from, Pappardelle makes purchasing easy by dividing each product type into one of the following categories: dried pasta blends and shapes, flat-cut flavors, lasagna, seasonal pastas, gluten-free and nutritional pasta, fresh frozen ravioli and tarts, and fresh frozen gnocci. Sauces and pesto as well as Bella Sol oils and vinegars are also available.

So, What will YOU prepare for dinner tonight? How about lobster in a sweet red pepper dough? Or perhaps gluten-free basil garlic penne? If you can imagine it. You can create it! And with as little as two or three ingredients you can make a gourmet dish in no time at all.

Pappardelle's - L'arte della pasta!


For  additional information regarding Papperdelle's Pasta contact Jesse Stubbs, Director of Consumer Division. He can be reached by calling 1-800-607-2782 ext.102 or via e-mail


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