Friday, February 17, 2012

Restaurant Profile: BIGGS BBQ and Burrito

 BIGGS BBQ and Burrito - A Smokin Salsation!
As a 12 yr. old boy Mike Horn enjoyed watching cooking shows on television. Inspired by what he had seen, he would then create something in his kitchen for whomever was nearby. He was passionate about food. And, equally passionate about cooking. This is the heart of a 'Foodie"!

Following his heart and with only $100 and a sample of his salsa, Horn's passion became a reality. BIGGS BBQ and Burrito opened November 17, 2011. While there has been very little advertising other than word of mouth, Horn is satisfied with the traffic flow thus far. "It's amazing! People are just telling their friends and our facebook page has helped. But I haven't really spent any money on advertising yet." says Horn.
Although a big guy himself, he says that the name of his new business had nothing to with any nickname. In fact, he adds, "The idea to open the restaurant occurred almost dream-like with the logo, concept and cuisine ideas firmly planted in his mind".

Tommy Chonga
While there are several BBQ and burrito establishments throughout Lancaster county, BIGGS' approach is unique."I just took the two favorite things that I like to eat and wrapped them together in creating my menu." says Horn.

Featured sandwiches like the Tommy Chonga and BIGGS Greasy Fat Stack are guaranteed gut pleasers. A burrito loaded with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, rice, one of BIGGS' smoked meats, cheese and toppings, the Greasy Fat Stack with all its fillings pales in comparison to The Tommy Chonga. Think Chimi on steroids!

BIGGS also offers chili, 4 different salads and 4 different meat platters ( ribs,chicken, brisket, pork). No BBQ joint, however, would be complete without wings. There are the standard flavors of mild, medium and BBQ of course, but it's the slobber knockers that garner attention. A sauce hotter than Hades, it comes with a waiver of responsibility to be signed by the customer. A slobber knocker indeed!

On the day that I had visited, I tried the smoked brisket and pulled pork. BIGGS slow smokes their brisket for 14 hours resulting in a subtle smoky flavor that lingers to the back of your throat. Enjoyable! The pulled pork was equally enjoyable. Combine the pork with BIGGS BBQ sauce and coleslaw, place it on a Philly kaiser roll and you have one Sloppy Pig!

Another unique menu item is the stuffed muffin. Take your basic corn muffin and top it with one of BIGGS' 6 meat choices now you get the idea. Everything at BIGGS is...well... BIG!

A casual atmosphere that seats 23, BIGGS is open Tuesday - Thursday 11:00AM-9:00PM, Friday and Saturday 11:00AM - 11:00PM and Sunday 11:30AM - 7:00 PM.
* Having a party or large gathering?  Be sure to inquire about BIGGS' bulk pricing

BIGGS BBQ and Burrito
2005 Miller Road
(Village Commons)
East Petersburg, PA 17520



  1. You've definitely given us a good sense of what Biggs has to offer! Good work, chef!

  2. BEST BBQ joint in Lancaster County HANDS DOWN! You won't find a burrito like this one anywhere else.... Awesome food and GREAT service! Definately a place worth frequenting! Pulled pork was fantastic... and the brisket was simply amazing! If you havent stopped in, you must do so! It was well worth every penny!